Real estate tid-bits delivered occasionally and unexpectedly to you via email, social media or right here. From my perspective, singing a laugh into your heart keeping the real estate process stress free. It tells you nothing about last night.

House-hunting on the Internet

Searching for houses on the internet is a timely activity. Salesy salespeople are not admired. Stress during house-hunting isn’t popular. The biggest fear is rejection. You might not understand the difference between buying and renting. You are looking for a... read more

Accomplish your Goals

It’s universal. People don’t get s*** done. And why is this? ANY motivation to accomplish goals? It’s hard to find motivation within people who might want to accomplish goals in their lives. Relationships vary. So many relationships in one person’s life!  It’s... read more

Staging your Home Before Listing it

Staging and styling your home can be a daunting task. A few things are very clear. You want to make improvements to your home before you would list or sell your home. Maybe you’re not even thinking of listing your home at this point, but you have an interest in... read more

The First Step to Buying a Home: Loan Pre-Approval

The first step to buying a home is getting pre-approved for your loan. Of course, the pre-approval is not a binding loan approval for an unlimited amount of time, but gives you an idea of what you can afford in a house for a duration of approximately 90 days. If... read more

I listen to you when you buy or sell a home.

Selling or Buying Real Estate? Listening to you is 99% of the process. Sit down with me and let’s talk. You’re overwhelmed with what’s on your plate. Impressions are important to you but you need new “feel good” digs. You feel it would be impossible to replace your... read more

Flatware is ornamentation to your table.

Flatware. Nothing flat about using a fork or spoon. A knife is the closest thing to being flat, yet all pieces are named flatware. Relatively flat dishes including plates and saucers can also be referred to as flatware. In addition to my love affair with chairs,... read more

Styling Your Home

Styling your home is the new trend to the process of making your home inviting to you and others. Styling is the process after you have staged your home giving it vital necessities. Styling will give it a real feeling. It happens frequently when someone is trying to... read more