Real estate tid-bits delivered occasionally and unexpectedly to you via email, social media or right here. From my perspective, singing a laugh into your heart keeping the real estate process stress free. It tells you nothing about last night.

Get your house ready to sell—and I’ll help you!

If you say you don’t have the money or time… But, really, you want to make some improvements in your house before you would list it, I’m here to help at no charge to you. (Maybe you’re not even thinking about listing it at this point.... read more

What I’ll do to help sell your house

Buying or selling a home evokes the greatest range of emotions. As your agent, I’m here to support and assist you through the process. Read on to see what I do when I take on a new listing:  I’ll spend approximately 20 to 30 hours per week working on... read more

Styling Your Home With Kicked-Off Heels

Let’s contradict everything people THINK they know about you and create who YOU truly are just by looking… At How You Live. It might just be creative styling with a dangling tie and kicked-off heels sitting alone. Most of all your home creates a feeling... read more

I listen to you when you buy or sell a home.

Selling or Buying Real Estate? Listening to you is 99% of the process. Sit down with me and let’s talk. You’re overwhelmed with what’s on your plate. Impressions are important to you but you need new “feel good” digs. You feel it would be impossible to replace your... read more

Creative Living with Ideas Rich Uncle Pulled Off

It’s all about creative living. Ready to add excitingness to your home or event? Definition optional. Opposite of boredom. Rich Uncle always had the best ideas for creative living. I saw things in his house I never would have imagined seeing anywhere else. No... read more

Let us do the home styling for you!

This corner of a small home is styled to perfection. First of all, I might add a glass of wine and a pair of reading glasses.   The gold pillow adds a beautiful accent. How inviting. Pillows have a way of talking to you. Hold me. Love me. Squeeze me. All pillows... read more

Wallpaper defines your space

Remember when you sacrificed your marriage along with the installation of wallpaper in your “starter” home? You would do anything–including hanging wallpaper with your husband because you loved the wallpaper–probably at that time more than your... read more

Obsessed with Home Design

  I sold my home over a year ago. It was an easy decision at the time, but since then I’ve had some regrets. Mostly regrets where in certain areas I have no say in my own home design. My creative instincts have held me captive to a landlord and rules. Rules... read more

Flatware is the ornamentation to your tablescape.

Nothing flat about using a fork or spoon. A knife is the closest thing to being flat, yet all pieces are named flatware. Relatively flat dishes including plates and saucers can also be referred to as flatware. In addition to my love affair with chairs, I’m... read more