Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

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Another words, take initiative yourself. Get the most information you can before you sell or buy a home.

Find the real estate agent who you communicate with and have a good rapport with. Find an agent you trust. Find an agent who works hard. And probably harder than you have ever worked yourself. Find an agent with good values.

Get rid of mis-information that you think makes you an expert. But really makes you an idiot. Stop believing the information you think you know but is totally wrong.

Get the facts straight.

Some sellers believe that the only agents who should list their homes are the ones from the same neighborhood the house is situated in.

If you assume a neighborhood realtor (someone who lives in very close proximity to your listed house) knows the neighbors who knows someone to buy your house, you are completely wrong.

This neighbor could definitely be interested and even purchase your home.

Noone boycotts your home because you as a listing agent aren’t from the neighborhood. What agent wouldn’t show your house if the buyer was truly interested in your neighborhood and in your listed home? C’mon. Would an agent forego a commission on a home a buyer was particularly interested in because the listing agent is not from the neighborhood? I know no agents that will do that sort of thing.

Maybe it’s time for the seller to look at the house they’re selling and then give reason why the house hasn’t sold. You probably wouldn’t buy a home that has challenges either.

  • What’s the floorplan? What are its quirks? What have the comments been?

  • Is there an odor in the home? Even too much fragrance turns some people off. You’re better off with a mild fragrance.

  • Too many saturated colors on your walls? Reds, oranges, purples??

  • Lots of stuff in your home? Less is more.

It is possible for a neighbor agent to bring a neighbor buyer to purchase your home.But it’s more likely that someone from the pool of 40,000 agents in the Phoenix metropolitan area has some contact who wants to live within your close geographical area. Your buyer better believe that’s where your buyer will come from.

When a buyer selects an agent, the main goal is for the agent to help the buyer throughout the purchasing process. The buyer has an area in mind.

The buyer would seldom pick an agent because he is a representative of that particular neighborhood. Yes, years ago that very likely happened. Without the internet, agents became as familiar as possible with the key incentives why someone would want a home in a particular geographical spot. Agents WERE the internet.

But the breadth of knowledge that agents have has been influenced by the information that is at their finger tips—the internet. I can pull up any information on houses for sale, houses sold, schools and their ranking, and other info. I can be a neighborhood specialist in a short amount of time.

Let me be the one to advise you properly. I’ll work hard for you and get your house sold!

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