Selling or Buying Real Estate?

Listening to you is 99% of the process.
Sit down with me and let’s talk. You’re overwhelmed with what’s on your plate. Impressions are important to you but you need new “feel good” digs.

You feel it would be impossible to replace your current neighborhood and friends. You anticipate the day you make the move and can’t turn back. But moving is a necessity. Tears, detachment and emotion will be part of the process. It hurts to even think about it.

It’s more than you can handle with your busy lifestyle and you don’t have time to make quick decisions.

Do you need someone who LISTENS to your thoughts and needs and then takes action accordingly? Someone who understands the emotional connection to your present home and severing the cord?

Are you searching for a place to throw your towel in the home that feels so right? It’s the right house for the future for you. Your family. Your guests. And you haven’t found it yet.

It’s time to start the process. Do you guess with flyers on your door who is to be the professional to represent you? OR ones you meet at an Open House but aren’t quite sure?

Your relationship with me is founded on ME LISTENING TO WHAT YOU WANT.

A blank canvas for you to decorate or leave traces and remnants of yourself and who you truly are.

The physical representation of your life is an important decision for you to make. It’s choosing and manifesting the environment to make you FEEL good.

I will sell, find your new home or commercial property and put together the one for you!

What can I help you with?
I have over twenty years of experience interacting with customers. Selling homes and commercial locations, decorating homes, painting, scrap-booking with unusual elements, lettering, interior design, being creative and discovering the muses of the world-wide art community tell my story.

Beautiful, creative environments are the visual representation, real or artistic. Does your environment express your heart and mind?

Along with my Chicago-born, mid-western values of hard work, initiative, drive, energy, and the focus to crack open your true self are my possessions to help YOU express yourself.

If there is ever a hard decision or challenge that comes our way, my fearlessness of deciding with creativity remedies our situation!

(However, I am a total rule follower. Every decision is based on the rules set for me by the Arizona Real Estate Commissioner and my responsibility to you as an Arizona licensed Realtor.)
My mind constantly thinks of different ways of doing the safe and secure. Making sure it works for you.

Let me be the ears and professional you have been searching for.

I can be reached at 602.703.6589. I live and office in Scottsdale, AZ.
Email me
I am currently licensed in Arizona and hang my license with My Home Group in Scottsdale, AZ.

For decor and staging projects, the world is my canvas.

“There is only one really good life and that’s the life you want and you make it yourself.” -Diana Vreeland

Let’s make it a really good life! 602.703.6589

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