When you’re selling your home:

You want to convey a feeling that gives the buyer the thought of being someone different if you live in this home.

Everyone aspires to be someone or something other than who they are now. Some buyers are searching for the “look” of whom they want to be.

Buyers have a pre-conceived idea of what that looks like or who they want to be. When they see it, they know it and wrap their arms around the right home.

  • Sellers can create aspirations for the buyer’s dreams.

  • Sellers can curate a dream for the buyer.

  • Sellers can stage/style their home so a buyer can imagine living in the house in a different way than how they live now.

Why? It satisfies the buyer’s dreams.

Are you looking for your dream home? Do you know what you’re dreaming of?

Will you know it’s your dream-come-true home when you see it?

The buyer’s thoughts are:

If you buy this home:

  • You will live as you’ve always dreamed of.

  • You will have fun doing new and different things.

  • You will be sought after.

  • Your house will be Hollywood.

So, dream about your next home. I’ll take you to it right in the clouds.

Let’s have a dream conversation. It will help you find your next home or sell your present one.

Mary Crone, Realtor®