Searching for houses on the internet is a timely activity. Being autonomous to your search lends itself to avoiding these situations:

  • Salesy salespeople. It’s only you and your computer when you do it solo with an internet search. That is, until you want to see a house. Going to a showing of the home you found needs a real estate agent.
  • You might not understand the advantages between buying and renting. You’ll have to look up articles on every confusing subject regards to real estate.
  • If you can’t make a decision alone on the computer, you’ll tend to stay in the situation you are in now. And that isn’t always the most advantageous thing to do.

Your house was PERFECT¬†before the Corona Virus Epidemic. It’s not now. Let’s purposefully rethink what you might need to make you feel different.

  • Do you feel you need a pool? Even a blow-up rubber 6-foot blue pool will do.
  • You’re spending more time at home and the square footage feels like you’re all on top of one another. Do you want a larger house? (Or maybe the kids are leaving soon and you want a smaller one.)
  • Someone in your family needs another room for a purpose that only developed because of the Corona.
  • There are so many features that could be inciting your interest in why buying or selling is something that floats through your mind on a steady basis.

Your new vision has been created by the way your wife feels, your husband feels and the way your children behave. And maybe you have none of those situations. It could be all about YOU and only you. These points don’t occur ONLY while you’re in a deep internet search. It happens even if you’re working with an agent.

  • What’s happening now that never before happened in your house?
  • What’s creating the desire to buy a new home?
  • What vision do you have for the future? What do you see?
  • What’s the perfect scene you imagine?
  • What’s specifically driving your decision to make a change?
  • Something that you don’t want if a change is made? How would the decision play out in a negative or positive way?
  • Who else, if not only you, is suffering through this decision-making process?
  • What bothers you the most?
  • What are your options? To stay in this house or not make a move? anything else?

Do you have a house to sell before you buy? What are your priorities in moving?

  • Do you have to sell your house before you buy a new one?
  • Do you have any idea how much equity you have or do you need help determining that?
  • Would you look for a new home while you were selling your current one? Or make other decisions?

The COVID-19 epidemic is not lowering prices. The market in Phoenix with the number of people moving here has increased prices. The inventory for homes for sale has decreased to all-time lows. There’s a low supply for high demand. And you know what happens then! Prices rise.

Many people are waiting until these times pass. If so, there will be a pent-up demand. Have you ever been to a horse race? It will be like that. There will be many, many horses waiting for the gates to open.

Waiting longer may be a detriment to your sale or purchase. Waiting could work against you.

  • Do you have any idea how waiting would work against you?
  • Think about the other members of your family and how it would affect them.

I’d like to send you four listings. Please prioritize and give simple reasons how you feel about each.

If you happen to know other people who share the same sentiment now, I’d love to help them as well.

How would you complete this line. Uncertainty creates _____________________.

May we make an appointment to discuss the four homes I’m sending you?

You can call me 24.7 at 602.703.6589 or email me