Styling your home is the new trend to the process of making your home inviting to you and others. Styling is the process after you have staged your home giving it vital necessities.

Styling will give it a real feeling.

It happens frequently when someone is trying to sell their home. The home for sale might be ‘nicely’ decorated or staged but the home needs special touches.

Styling is the feeling of opening the door of a home and loving the details. It’s something different. It’s the high heels kicked off in the bedroom. The throw on the bed inviting warmth and a snuggle. It’s toys left out in the middle of a room and just waiting for the finishing touches of the large, primary block construction of a New York sort of skyline.

Styling is the momentary pause in your life. It’s real. It’s sensitive. It’s honest.

Styling is also selecting items to create a vignette on a shelf, in the kitchen corner, on top of a side table. Anything loosely planned to provide your eyes something to look at in a different and noticeable way.

Styling efforts are very pleasing and scrumptious to the eyes in the same way you react when your waiter sets down a dessert in front of you.

The next question is “Where do I get the details from to capture the view?”

The easiest and most at-hand items are found right within your home. Just open the kitchen cabinets, the high shelves in your closet, your linen closet, china cabinet. You’ll find almost everything you need right there without having to leave your home and spend money.

The next source for great details in your homes are things I find at flea markets, monthly sales and clearance racks of many retail stores.

Monthly sales have a great way of alluring customers by keeping their store open a few days a month. Some are even theme-centered. The desire to see what’s new comes every month. Once you’ve perused and made your purchase for the month, you have another 30 days to wait for the experience to take you over. A monthly sale forces the excitement to build. The best finds are always there when the store opens and, for me, standing in line and getting the #1 place is my personal challenge. While waiting in line, I’ve also had some great conversations about other places to shop and some great project info.

Google searches provide results to get you started.

Nothing means more than something in your home nestled in a corner and someone asks, “Where did you get THAT?”

It’s a process that requires some work but results in satisfaction when complete.

Have fun and start hunting!