It’s everywhere in the design world. Rethink your life. Restrategize your home. Edit your surroundings to what is you.

Amanda Talbot in Rethink The Way You Live expressed many concepts regarding how living and working environments have changed due to the changes in the world: technology, terrorism, China, economy and environment. These five areas have had a personal impact on our decision to live based on what works for us individually rather than the pressure brought on by a ‘decorator’s look’.

The story of your home comes from within you and not from outside influences and pressures. We are saying ‘no’ to designer conventions and ‘yes’ to the freedom of expression.

Amanda also believes that you choose objects for your home that encapsulate your personal story. Our homes are the playground for work, study, socializing, shopping and technology.

Trends for housing needs are downsized homes rather than expanding to larger spaces. Size, needs and cost influence this trend.

Create a personal edit of your home.

We’re creating homes that reflect who we are. The collections with imperfections. Items that are cherished from your childhood. Surrounding yourself with objects that convey personal happiness.

Also, many of you purchase items that convey nostalgia, a certain time period of your life, some treasure you always wanted and fulfilling your must-have list.

Homes are a gigantic story board of ourselves. Tell your story in your home. If you need any help, I’m always available. or call 602.703.6589.