It’s universal. People don’t get s*** done. And why is this? ANY motivation to accomplish goals?

It’s hard to find motivation within people who might want to accomplish goals in their lives.

Relationships vary. So many relationships in one person’s life!  It’s business and work relationships, personal relationships, family, friends, church, neighbors. With all these associations, conversations lead to promises.

Does this busy-ness halt our time to remain motivated and hinder opportunities to accomplish goals?

“I’ll get you that number.”

“I’ll send you that recipe.”

“I’ll talk to my brother and see what he can do for you.”

“I’ll give you a call.”

“Let’s arrange a play date for our two children.”

Is this the same person who just made a promise and now has no time for his previous intent? What just happened? The stream of excuses and complaints gush.

If you’re not seeing things responsibly, you’re walking around with your eyes closed which leads to a much easier life. Or is it?

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see…John Lennon

The misunderstanding of all we see is using the wrong pair of eyeglasses, if any.

It’s the dream killer. Inactivity. Arguments. Flakey-ness. Lack of integrity. Personality bomb. Deceitfulness.

It might be an ‘easier’ life for you, but you’re hiding. You’re hiding behind a tree. You’re hiding behind excuses. You’re hiding behind a different you.

Wouldn’t it be easier to make yourself accountable on a daily basis?

What is the difference between someone who thinks about a new career and starts creating action items and following through on them and the one who complains and gives faulty reasons for no movement in any direction?

The faulty reasons are the barrier that is driving the change in the other direction. It’s hindering movement.

What’s the difference between one who plans for a home purchase financially in a year in the future. There’s a move and a purchase as a result of the planning.

Then there’s one who sits in a rental for many years and looks at the same dieing plants for years, what’s his future?

What’s the difference between one who commits to action with another person and then does the ‘ghosting’ thing and never answers the phone, never replies to an email? This person does the opposite of everything he/she had just committed to getting something done.

A partner can’t get a couple of calls made or other ‘Honey-Do’s’.  Too hard.  Too difficult. What’s the reason?

A real estate team’s name is ‘GSD’ which stands for ‘Get Shit Done.”

Why is it that some people ‘Get Shit Done’ and others get NO shit done!

The world drives us at a very fast pace quicker than we can grab our hands on.

Once Labor Day hit the calendar, I was looking at the end of the year in a four-month segment of time. If I didn’t look at a large chunk of the calendar, firecrackers would be popping for the new year and I’d be in awe.

When you plan to buy a house, it simply isn’t two transactions. It’s much more than a sale and a purchase. The decisions between those transactions are numerous.

Don’t get stuck doing nothing because it was harder than it seemed. You might be saying, “ I thought I was almost all done after we sold our house.”

It’s time to stop old habits and start getting s*** done.