Questions and answers to give you a primer of info into the real estate process.
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  • What if the seller didn’t disclose the HOA fees in its entirety?
    While the house was in escrow and if the seller didn't disclose entirely or correctly HOA fees to be paid, the seller would then be responsible to pay for the HOA fees not mentioned.
  • Are you working with another agent?
    Only if you have a current, valid and exclusive agreement with another licensee are  you bound to another agent. Many Open House, etc. walk-ins say they are working with another agent. Be careful if you have chosen the right agent. Pick one who works relentlessly for you and is a good negotiator.
  • How can I search for homes on a website?

    That's easy.

    Here's the link.


    You can contact me through the site as well.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Will We Close On Time?
    Closings happen on-time due to a good title agent, a good loan officer, two communicative agents representing the buyer and the seller and an informed buyer and seller. When everyone follows timelines and deadlines, delays will be at a minimum. My goal is an on-time closing.
  • I Don’t Understand Contracts!
    And neither did I the first time I read them. When an agent hands you a blank contract for you to read, please read it over and over again. Ask if you have any questions. Discuss it with your agent. It’ll help you through the process.
  • Is My House Ready To Be “Listed”?
    If your house is in a disarray, it’s probably not ready to be listed. I’ve experienced the perfect formula for listing a house that sells quickly: open, light, clean, airy and staged. If you list with me, I’ll be instrumental in anything I can do to help you get your home perfect. Put me to work, please!
  • What Is The Market Like Now?
    That depends on who you talk to. An informed agent will give you statistics and numbers that are backed by Realtor Associations on a local and national level. Just ask.
  • What Will You Do To Sell My Home?
    Efficiency throughout the process! From prepping your home to be listed, professional home shots, 3D videos, social media publicity, accessibility to agents and you and Open Houses. Other ideas are possible if your HOA allows it.
  • I Need An Agent Who Listens To Me!
    If I find you the home you have constructed in my mind based on what you have said, I have created a client forever. But, please, be honest with me and tell me what you really want in a home. If you tell me you’re looking for an eight-story home and I find one for you…are you sure that will make you happy? Let’s talk!
  • Don’t Disappear On Me Through The Process!
    If agent and buyer or seller stay in honest and open communication, the whole real estate process will be successful.
  • What’s The Best Price For My Home?
    Be realistic with a good price for your home when you list it and when you write an offer to purchase. The best source of information on prices is viewing home info that have sold within the past three to six months within your immediate area. It’s irrelevant what homes are listed for. Those are dreams!
  • I need to find that perfect home…for cheap!
    Let’s look for homes within the price you are qualified to buy that are a good value. The most home for the most your dollar will buy is always a good find.

    If you care to discuss these or any other topics, I’m within your reach at mary@marycrone.com ,602.703.6589, on Facebook at Mary Crone Residential Real Estate and Mary Crone or I’d gladly meet you for any kind of drink in the Phoenix area.