I live in Scottsdale, Arizona but love the intrigue of Downtown Phoenix. I’m used to high temperatures, thorny cactus plants and never changing our clocks.

My favorite mix is Mid-Century Modern with antiques.

I left my heart in Chicago.

My family always comes first. As a mom of seven grown adult children, I believe I have learned more from them than what they have learned from me.

I love comedy writers who inspire me. Laurie Notaro. And comediennes Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Will Farrel, Jimmy Fallon, Kristen Wiig. Anyone who makes me laugh. That’s easy!

I don’t think I’ve ever finished an adult fiction book, but business genre and decorating books I will read over and over and over.

If I could I’d live inside an ANTHROPOLOGIE store, a Sweet Salvage store or Old Brick House.

I’m a lawyer for words. Using the right words to express the right emotional connection.

I love the theater and wish I had been one hell of an actress.

I don’t drink coffee but love the way my clothes smell after I’ve been in a coffee shop for an hour or two.

I hope people who know me think of me as an exuberant, vibrant personality with a path that defies the status quo.

Seth Godin inspires my marketing aptitude in a daily, morning blog. Ashley Ambirge surprises my inbox a couple times a week.

I look forward to a very long, loving, healthy life filled with continued creativity and constant learning.