A listing in zipcode 85008 was under contract in less than 24 hours. How did that happen?
Many factors lead homes to sell quickly.
Our culture dictates the mindset that we all know so much since we are on the internet and now that makes me an authority in every subject area. We have to be careful as that could be detrimental in the area of real estate, for example.

The reason the home sold quickly is PRICE.
When an agent meets with the owner/seller, it’s difficult to sway them (even though the listing agent might present several comparables of similar sold homes) to a considered price or value for the property.
Sellers have in mind a price and, by god, they’re going to stay attached to that number. Many sellers will constantly bring up what other homes are listed for which also dictates what this seller wants to list their home for.
A listing price is only that. It’s another created price based on seller preferences and a listing agent’s agreement. We don’t know the conversation which influenced the final decision. Even appraisers will seldom put any weight in a listed price for a comparable home. And when a home is under contract, many assume a particular home sold for the listing price.
This is not true.
Someone who sells a home can’t reveal the price until the home has closed escrow. So until it closes, the price it sold for is not made public.
The first reason my listing sold quickly is due to extensive research on other homes that sold in the neighborhood and what they offered. It was priced right.

The second reason clearly showed a very, very clean home. The cleanliness of the home didn’t come easily. The cockroaches inside the dishwasher marched out proudly, efficiently and in large numbers. That situation was taken care of and the little bugs were easily abolished with a ‘never come back’ message.
Bathrooms, cabinets, tile floors, granite surfaces, windows and the cobwebs along the siding of the home were sprayed and cleaned.

Although there’s still a lot of people who are comfortable living with the disorder, trash, dirt, I choose the only way to list a home is to list a clean one.

Another factor influenced the quick contract and that was the curb appeal of this home. There’s a large value to hiring a landscaper to clean up and tidy up the exterior grounds of a home. That’s the first thing the buyer is going to see and value can be added here easily. A two-visit landscaper who was eager to help and make some $$$ lightened the load of the work.
Pulling out a dead tree was a bigger project than anticipated, so we left that alone.

The house when done was the most attractive home on the block!

In my next post, I’ll discuss furnishings and the need to stage a home. Give the buyer what they want to see. I’ll show you how.