Let’s contradict everything people THINK they know about you and create who YOU truly are just by looking…

At How You Live.

It might just be creative styling with a dangling tie and kicked-off heels sitting alone.

Most of all your home creates a feeling when you walk through the door.

A  place is your personality, your interests, your aspirations and YOU!

It tells your personal story with favorite objects in life’s context.
The place where ideas are conceived and a playground for brain-work which defies the traditional office environment.
Your abode is the celebration of family, friends and life and technically speaking, it’s the dashboard of your everyday activities.

Your home is not the result of someone telling you what it should look like. You are over that inner monologue! It’s all about YOU!

Edit your surroundings to tell your story. Let’s do it together by unique choices and placement for your furniture and its objets curieux.
Be proud of who you are and the expression of your SELF in your home environment.

We are always eager to channel our creativity with you!

Are you unafraid of color and self-expression.

Do you have any interest in scouring flea markets, consignment shops and occasional sales for your special piece of wonder for your home or office.

Projects are estimated and based on individual needs. Nothing is beyond your reach when it comes to styling your home.

We work in Phoenix, Portland, OR., New Orleans and Chicago.

mary@marycrone.com (602.703.6589) Phoenix