I sold my home over a year ago. It was an easy decision at the time, but since then I’ve had some regrets. Mostly regrets where in certain areas I have no say in my own home design.

My creative instincts have held me captive to a landlord and rules. Rules that stand out in the prevention of expression of one’s true self. The color of the walls, source of the floors, hardware, cabinetry. All the elements that create your home.

Here are several ideas  that someone can add to a rental property.

I feel a need of expression and beautiful interior modern home design in my own living quarters. I love creating the desire for creativity and provide to the options of interiors. Everyone’s interiors can be beautiful.

That’s the reason I die for the day of my favorite monthly occasional sale such as Sweet Salvage in Phoenix and Old Brick House in Mesa. And there’s the weekly (sometimes a little more frequently) rendezvous to Everything Goes, a consignment store of old and pre-loved finds. These sales I mentioned are in the Phoenix area. The number of pieces I find can’t possibly fit inside my condo.

I’m left creating spaces in the homes of others. Drawing mental pictures frequently.

Perhaps this is the reason why it’s 4.55 a.m. and I’ve yet to fall asleep after going to bed at 1.

I stepped inside a beautiful home today where the backyard was a very natural state. If I were to stage and style this home for a sale, I would envision the wrap-around yard to be transformed into something accidentally beautiful. A desert environment whose blank copy can have a setting for a pre-determined feast. Date unknown.

A beautiful table scape sitting on raw earth. Natural beauty.


Let’s see what we can imagine for your interior or exterior space any time.