Getting your home ready to sell or just live in something you love?

Here are a few vignettes I’ve created.

A soft chair covered in linen. Although the coffee throw and the two pillows cover the chair, it’s very soft. It’s the go-to chair at a table with other French metal chairs.

Above these two chairs were found near a dumpster. They’re recovered in a brown-beige tweed and accented with orange multi-colored welting. They are the most comfortable chairs that offer easy seating for the masculine and/or the feminine body frame. The stool is a lift for those tired legs.

Above the over-sized gold antiqued mirror presents an interesting scale to the tiny cabinet that it sits on. It’s a great piece that’s placed next to the door as you leave. It’s a check-out. The French chair sits alongside and has been repainted and reupholstered. A large gold Euro pillow sits on its lap.

My most favorite piece! Along with spring coming in a few days and the popularity of the color pink, the fabric choice was easy. A very comfortable orphan chair found alongside a street the day before large trash pick-up. When my friend found this chair, she knew it was my style.

I would love working on small vignettes in your home if you’re just styling your home or preparing to sell it.

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