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You have everything together. Your job, your kids, your husband, your house.

No one has to tell you where to be when. The only thing that shakes the foundation is when you’re planning a get-together (or a party). Even though you’re first to volunteer having the parties for your friends, family, kids, your company, things start to tremble a bit when you’re faced with too much planning. I enter to do the party-planning since that is my passion.

You give a self-assured I’ve-got everything-handled appearance until you get to GO time. Then life turns into shambles.

When you are running at full sail, your unruffled facade wants to impress your guests.

You have just found your Wonder Woman.
I can create a party for you and your guests. Even Martha Stewart would let flies in her mouth with such jaw-dropping wonder and amazement.

My first “creating” experience started with a delightful Mickey Mouse Cookbook as a special birthday present.The recipe process wasn’t easy but knew I wanted my creation to resemble the beautiful picture next to the ingredients in the book.
Of course at end it was no look-alike. So it wasn’t unusual for my family to hide the cookbook so I had no further thoughts of imaginable treats.

YOUR catered food and treats would be beautifully presented and positioned taste-fully like a dazzling creme de la creme!
When I was a kid, I was always giggling. My freckles, blonde hair and cuteness placed me center stage. I could always manipulate the crowd and make them laugh. I’d hold any adult hostage for bubble gum or candy. If they had money in their pocket it was an easy trade.

My demeanor today is just the same. I hold no one hostage but my light-heartedness, comedic flair, and stress-free waving-in-the-wind attitude tells my story.
I put the panache into your day, and am the icing during the entire process from planning to execution of your event.
You need  time to relax before any festivity. Time to enjoy and maybe even paint your nails and floss those pearly whites.

My formal dining room becomes the workshop for any niceties that you’d order for any event you are planning. Generally speaking those are the favors of the party.
Scaling-up my cutting, pasting, and coloring activities, I never imagined the same activities with glue and paint all over my fingers and clothes would continue to make me happy years later.

When I get my scissors, MOD-PODGE and hands on your event, it will be stressless for you. I work beyond any event order.

If you look at my bank statements, debits from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Home Depot take precedence over the grocery store. I survive on creating niceties from anything imaginable.

A party is my passion.

I never miss a deadline. And even if your soiree is out on the water, you can easily meet UPS, USPS or Fed Ex ashore for your special delivery.
My college time was spent in Fashion Merchandising at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. Although my love of fashion and styling personal images was the basis for enjoyment while working for Nordstrom’s on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, party and events came in first place.

My flair for quality, beauty and perfection in any event rests in what the guest sees through the hostess’s eyes. It’s all about you!
No one will be in a tail-spin except when playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It might be irreverent to invert decorations such as topping the saucer on the china cup, but you will hear a chorus of compliments.

Your guests will believe that you’re a caring, crafty soul and you had your hands in every detail.
My integrity, love of the party, and love of people create an opportunity for you to have an intricately fashioned event of the year.

I can be reached at 773.370.4491. You can email me, also. crone.courtney@gmail.com My office and residence is in Chicago but would gladly work anywhere. We will have never-to-be-forgotten fun working together. I can’t wait to get the green light.

Here’s to our joie de vivre (enjoyment of life)!

Courtney Crone Wright