If you say you don’t have the money or time…

But, really, you want to make some improvements in your house before you would list it, I’m here to help at no charge to you. (Maybe you’re not even thinking about listing it at this point. That’s OK, too.)

I love to sell houses and work with buyers, but what keeps me up at night is my passion styling and staging homes. (I rearrange my own place all the time.)

What would we do to your home? Going from something that’s not thought out and taking what you have and a few things from my inventory, scrubbing, planting, trips to the closest dumpster, painting and creating something that will get the buyers in a short amount of time is part of the list. It’s endless what can be done to beautify your home.

The truth is that a buyer wants to move into a model home and the seller doesn’t realize what needs to be accomplished for someone to love everything about their home.

The seller can also assume “someone” will buy it. And the seller doesn’t want to spend the time, money and hard work doing it themselves.

But what if you had help at no charge to you? It certainly would get you going and get you out of the funk you might be stuck in.

I’m always looking for homes to post on Instagram and Facebook showing changes that came as a result of our hard work. (That’s optional to you.)

There’s no risk involved. This could be a very sweet relationship. Give it some thought BEFORE you say, “No! I’m not interested!”

Before you say that I ask, “Why NOT?”

Don’t be afraid to contact me. Fear is useless.

Send me an email: or text me at 602.703.6589.

Now let’s talk about your house. Is it ready to list/sell?

You’re in love with your house. But is it lovable enough for potential buyers to walk through, fall in love and make an offer to purchase it?

Imagine a first-time home buyer that’s been pre-approved and they step into their first home to see what this equates to in price. Have you created the home to create buyer excitement?

Everyone says it’s a numbers game. But what numbers are they talking about?

Regardless of the Las Vegas odds on selling your house, if you do your work (and I’m right there helping you) your house should sell. When things are ignored or when the buyer knows-it-all, that’s a different story to tell.

It’s not the realtor’s fault the house didn’t sell when negative factors are ignored. It’s best to be open and honest and prepare the best you can.

Let’s take a look at a few qualities buyers seek in homes and see how your listed or soon-to-be listed house compares.

  • PRICE: The most important consideration is the price you give your home. It should be based on SOLD homes in your neighborhood within the past six months. Your price cannot be determined by similar listings in your neighborhood. More than 50% of listings are reduced before owners receive a purchase contract. If you haven’t priced your house appropriately, your house will take longer than expected to sell. Determine the time frame for your home to sell and be careful when you price it.

  • SHOWINGS: When you have a showing, have you prepared your house? It’s readying your house for guests. How welcome do you make them feel without you as the owner being there? Have your pets been safeguarded from leaving your property?

  • CLEANING AND STAGING YOUR HOME: Again, I will be happy to help you through this process. The best suggestion I can make is to remove as much clutter and personal belongings as possible. Give the buyer room for them to visualize they would be living there. Don’t give them the thought that it belongs to someone else. We can go through cleaning and staging pointers when we meet. ( and 602.703.6589)

  • LIGHT, AIRY and BRIGHT: These are the three most popular qualities of a home someone would buy. Does your house measure up to these expectations? A can of paint is a great investment. Open your curtains or drapes before showings. Keep it fresh.

  • SCENT: Most buyers prefer a light scent in a home. Anything heavier or that smells like Aunt Gertrude’s perfume isn’t going to make the cut. They will dislike the home for the smell and not admit it.

  • QUIRKS in the home: Try to get rid of as many as you can. Customizations for you personally or for your family many times don’t carry over to the next buyer. That generally disqualifies your home. I can generally go over some of these quirks that a buyer might find in your home. If there’s anything that can be done to change them, it’s a good idea to do so and remove your home’s challenges.

Once your house has been listed and is ready for potential buyers, it’s always within reach for me to make adjustments for processes, etc that don’t work and create a communicative situation for us.

I look forward to helping you!

I can be reached at 602.703.6589 or you can email me at Talk soon!